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Occupied premises are attractive targets because of the valuable and useful stock they contain and the possibility of cash being left on the premises. Here are some simple and cost-effective ways to reduce your risks.

Burglars want to get in and out as quickly as possible. They will break, pry, twist, hammer and otherwise force their way in. Forcing doors or windows is the most common way for a thief to enter, so window and door locks are of utmost importance. Locks need to be strong and secure to slow down their progress. The longer it takes for them to enter, the less likely they will succeed or even attempt to enter the premises.

Security Solutions and Tips

1. Have Good Lighting Surrounding all Exterior Entry Points
This will put the unwanted guest into the spotlight.

2. Never leave spare keys under a mat or nearby 
Burglars know of these places.

3. Do not give the thief the tools to break in 
Do not leave anything around that will help them to use as a tool for entry.

4. Re-Key Locks 
When you buy or move into a new home or business, always have the locks re-keyed. You never know who the previous owner gave keys to – the plumber, the painter, or the in-law who is getting out of jail next month.

5. Make Premises less attractive to Burglars
Lock cash and cheques in a good quality safe. Do not leave overnight, any expensive items in your window displays. When you install a high security locking system, e.g.. Alarm or CCTV, display notices warning potential offenders of their existence. This may be all they need to be put off a break-in.

6. Invest in high quality, easy to operate locking systems
Get them installed to all exterior windows & doors and only use a professional to install them. This is the frontline to your security.

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